Friday, August 29, 2008

Watching movies/tv shows online

Instead of downloading a full episode of a television show or even a movie, why not watch it online instead? Depending on the speed of the connection, it might even take a shorter time.

Contrary to a few people's beliefs, there are many sites a person can visit to watch movies online. Hence, a person may wish to use a particular to crawl most of these sites at once. The search engine I recommend for this is nabolister.

Here are a list of sites I recommend for those who would like to watch movies or television shows online:

  • - I love this site because it had a wide variety of movies which came out in 2007 and 2008, and by wide variety I don't mean genres alone. I mean low budget movies too that you might not find on any other site. Most of the movies work, and there is even a vote next to the links for each movies showing what percentage of people said it worked and what percentage said it didn't work, as well as comments to tell you whether the movie was a waste or not.
  • project free tv - Project free TV has both TV shows and movies even though the movie selection is quite small in that the number of movies falls short of the number of movies on the previous site. However, you might just find what you're looking for.
  • Quicksilverscreen - Unlike the sites and project free tv you can watch older movies as well as a lot of the newer movies here; as well as tv shows. So for example, whether you want to watch the 1954 version of Animal Farm, or the more recent 2008 movie 10,000 B.C. it can be found on the site.
  • movierumor - Movierumor isn't an impressive site, but you can find a few of the latest and most popular movies on it.
  • flickpeek - Flickpeek has movies and TV shows; and like quicksilverscreen it has a wide range of films both old and new, some I haven't seen in ages. For example, there is the 1999 movie eXistenZ which I wasn't sure what it was about at that time, and then there are movies such as Vantage Point, PS I love you, Ghostbusters and many more.
  • tvlinksdb - It doesn't have a lot of movies, but it's a great site to search for some tv-shows that are hardest to find. Like nabolister, it crawls video sites.
  • - This is a site similar to tvlinksdb. It doesn't have a lot of movies like some of the other sites I listed, but there are a wide range of television shows here listed, some, you might have difficulty finding on other sites.
  • megavideo - Here you can find some of the rarest tv-show episodes and video clips. There are even a few movies on the sites.
  • veoh - This is only available to people in a few geographical locations, but nevertheless, it works like megavideo.

Ther are many other sites which can be used to watch shows online, but it's up to you to look for them.

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