Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Best Search Engines on the Net

A search engine is a progam which uses a spider or crawler as it's otherwise known to read pages on websites that want to be searchable, indexes the read pages and then returns results to the user when a search request is made. These are what help make browsing the net easier instead of using the alternative which is the web directory, which takes up more time since browsing has to be done manually.

What though can be described as a good search engine? This article from the University of Berkley elaborates.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gustav = Death and Destruction

Hurricane Gustav swept through the Caribbean and some parts of the United States leaving in its wake a wealth of death and destruction. It is estimated that in all, Gustav caused somewhere near in the region of eighty and a hundred deaths, leaving some people homeless, stranded or in shelters.

The pictures below of the destruction were taken from the weather gallery of


This one shows the Harbour View Bridge which was literally cut off and left people stranded and cut off from their family and friends. I'm not sure when exactly the picture was taken, but a new one was finally put up yesterday to allow traffic passing back and forth as well as residents living in the area to go about their business as usual.


Here's another picture, this one from the Vineyards area in St. Catherine...That is all I'm going to say...The picture does the rest of the talking


Here's another picture from St. Catherine, this time in Spanish Town. What you are seeing here is NOT a river. It's a road.


Once again, I will let the picture do most of the talking.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are severe weather systems, which means that those of us who live in a hurricane belt have to be prepared to face them. Living in a hurricane belt means that we are under the threat of these weather systems annually from as early as June to November. So why though do we still have so much death, displacement and destruction when one hits? Destruction in itself is unavoidable, but I know that nearly a hundred deaths is bordering on ridiculousness if there was lots of preparation.

I believe so much destruction and displacement was caused because a lot of people who live in these countries as well as their governments failed to ensure that these people observed proper building requirements mostly. A lot of the Flooding was caused by poor drainage , and some of these bridges destroyed because they were not built properly.

People in hurricane belts should not be living near the sea and rivers, and their governments should ensure that people do not build houses there. Relocation money could be put to other uses. Living near to the beach puts you in danger of storm surges; and lets not forget that rivers tend to swell. Hence, living near rivers puts you in danger of having your house washed away.

Here are some tips for hurricane preparation in case you live in a hurricane belt:

1. Stock up on nonperishable food items such as tinned food, as well as pet food, baby food and get a reliable first aid kit.

2. Secure all important documents such as your birth certificate, passport, etc in a ziplock bag or a waterproof container.

3. If you live in a low lying area and are in danger of your home being flooded, move to a higher more secure area that is not in danger of landslides.

4. Move your yard items inside such as lawn and patio chairs, etc

5. Review evacuation routes

6. If your home is not secure enough to with stand a hurricane, pack all your important documents, clothes, etc and go to a shelter. Do NOT wait until the hurricane has begun to make your move.

7. Install shutters over windows, or nail plyboard over glass windows. Tape might also be used to prevent against flying shards of shattered glass.

8. Get hurricane lanterns with extra matches as well as flashlights with extra batteries.

9. Buy battery operated radios

10. Buy lots of bottled water to drink, or store enough water to drink as well as use, but remember to boil for a long time without drinking and add a tiny bit of bleach to kill some bacteria that might be left back.

11. Make sure your car can start and has a full tank of gas

12. Draw extra cash to keep in case of anything after the hurricane

13. Emmergency generators must be kept outside in a safe place.

14. Before a hurricane check your roof to see if it's sturdy.

15. Cut down any tall trees that are in danger of falling on your house.

Monday, September 1, 2008



Friday, August 29, 2008

Watching movies/tv shows online

Instead of downloading a full episode of a television show or even a movie, why not watch it online instead? Depending on the speed of the connection, it might even take a shorter time.

Contrary to a few people's beliefs, there are many sites a person can visit to watch movies online. Hence, a person may wish to use a particular to crawl most of these sites at once. The search engine I recommend for this is nabolister.

Here are a list of sites I recommend for those who would like to watch movies or television shows online:

  • - I love this site because it had a wide variety of movies which came out in 2007 and 2008, and by wide variety I don't mean genres alone. I mean low budget movies too that you might not find on any other site. Most of the movies work, and there is even a vote next to the links for each movies showing what percentage of people said it worked and what percentage said it didn't work, as well as comments to tell you whether the movie was a waste or not.
  • project free tv - Project free TV has both TV shows and movies even though the movie selection is quite small in that the number of movies falls short of the number of movies on the previous site. However, you might just find what you're looking for.
  • Quicksilverscreen - Unlike the sites and project free tv you can watch older movies as well as a lot of the newer movies here; as well as tv shows. So for example, whether you want to watch the 1954 version of Animal Farm, or the more recent 2008 movie 10,000 B.C. it can be found on the site.
  • movierumor - Movierumor isn't an impressive site, but you can find a few of the latest and most popular movies on it.
  • flickpeek - Flickpeek has movies and TV shows; and like quicksilverscreen it has a wide range of films both old and new, some I haven't seen in ages. For example, there is the 1999 movie eXistenZ which I wasn't sure what it was about at that time, and then there are movies such as Vantage Point, PS I love you, Ghostbusters and many more.
  • tvlinksdb - It doesn't have a lot of movies, but it's a great site to search for some tv-shows that are hardest to find. Like nabolister, it crawls video sites.
  • - This is a site similar to tvlinksdb. It doesn't have a lot of movies like some of the other sites I listed, but there are a wide range of television shows here listed, some, you might have difficulty finding on other sites.
  • megavideo - Here you can find some of the rarest tv-show episodes and video clips. There are even a few movies on the sites.
  • veoh - This is only available to people in a few geographical locations, but nevertheless, it works like megavideo.

Ther are many other sites which can be used to watch shows online, but it's up to you to look for them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making Money Online

There will always be a crowd wherever there is money to be given away; which is why "make money online" and "earn money online" are some of the most popular searches on the internet. Thousands of sites appear and disappear promising people they'll be swimming in riches by the end of the year if they only pay a "small" fee, install a bar to run while they search the net, or sometimes, even sign up for free.

Unfortunately though, there is no easy and immediate way to make money online. The majority of these sites which claim to help you get rich quickly, while you sit for a few hours or minutes per day at your computer are without a doubt money making scams.

Common Mistakes People keep Making

1. FREE ONLINE LOTTERIES DO NOT EXIST. Think about it. How will the lottery company be able to give you your million dollar prize if people aren't paying for the tickets? How is it profiting them? Another thing is, have you noticed everyone who plays these lotteries win millions of dollars the following day? Does this not sound like a scam to you?

2. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN EMAIL LOTTERY. This is one of the most common lottery scams from free email accounts such as MSN, Yahoo and Hotmail. Real businesses do NOT use a free email account, even if they give you a picture of a so-called sample of a check one of their participants had received. These scams usually ask for a sum of money and your personal information in order to claim your prize. Genuine lotteries do not ask you for money to claim your prize.

3. START YOUR OWN MEDICAL BILLING SERVICE AT HOME. You pay near to $1000 to start, but what you don't realise is that most clinics process their own bills.

4. PAID TO SURF DOESN'T WORK. The majority of these don't work in the sense that the amount of money you're paid usually is not worth the hours you spend on the internet. Some of these sites usually tell you to download a bar of some sort which sometimes ends up getting spyware on your computer.

5. TO MAKE MONEY FREE BUY THIS EBOOK. Some sites give testimonials and promise after promise that you will indeed make thousands of dollars by the end of the month. However, in order for you to know how this person ended up making $5,000 for the month completely free you have to buy the ebook. This is in itself a money making scheme since this person seduces you into buying a book which usually does not contain the secret to making money online, or you might not even get.

There are many many more money making scams online; but it's up to you to use your best judgment to determine which are genuine and which aren't. There is also doing a great deal of research before you participate or invest your money in anything.

Popular ways to make money online

1. Affiliate websites are one of the most popular ways to make money online. What you do is that you use your website to advertise the merchants' website and products. They might pay you by the amount of clicks they get on the links to their site, which they track using cookies. They might also pay you by the amount of leads to their site or sales which is usually greater than the paid to click.

The disadvantages with affiliate websites though are the fact that you have to find way to promote them effectively on the net so that you can earn enough money.

2. Getting paid to take surveys online is another popular way to make money online. How it works is that you fill in personal information which will determine which surveys you qualify for. A survey can sometimes pay up to $100.

However, the disadvantages of taking online surveys are that surveys usually take long to reach your email for one, and secondly, you might not qualify for a survey at all.

3. Another way to make money online is to write reviews for products. The disadvantage with this though is that the reviewing can be tedious and you don't earn a lot of money for each review you write.

4. Another easy way to make money online is by using pay per click ads such as Google Adsense, bidvertiser and so on. Just make sure to research the companies first before you sign up and put their ads on your site, and make sure that your sites are javascript enabled. Freewebs is not javascript enabled, so google adsense doesn't work well with freewebs websites.